Wednesday, 1 December 2010

A sneak preview...

We are lucky with the weather here ~ very cold with just an icing sugar like dusting of snow on the rooftops. The roads here are clear and I've checked weather and local reports ~ so business as usual!

I fear that some of my lovely friends further north might not make it this time though...keep warm!

For directions and more information please contact me.

Ali x


  1. Love the glass trees in the last post, I've never seen anything as pretty as those, I'm sure the stock will fly off the shelves. Good luck, Lucey xx

  2. My goodness, that all looks wonderful!
    Wish I could be there.....
    Julie x

  3. Hope the vintage fair went well and that the snow didn't hinder it too much - it certainly looked wonderful in your photo. Happy Christmas.

  4. Wish I could have been there...hope everything went woderfully well!

    Happy Holidays,
    Deanna :D